What is ODF

What is ODFOpen Document Format (ODF) is an OASIS/ISO-standardised, vendor neutral file format that enables cross-platform collaboration between people and many different types of applications - from Office suites to server software. ODF is mature, future-proof and clean - as well as very versatile and user friendly. It provides a drop-in replacement for historically more troublesome proprietary file formats such as .doc, .wpd, .xls and .rtf. An increasing number of governments - such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Brazil and Denmark - are moving away from such single vendor-based file formats and have started using this international open standard. Be part of the revolution and join OpenDoc Society.

About OpenDoc Society

OpenDoc Society brings together individuals and organisations with a stake or interest in the openness and future of documents to learn from each other and share knowledge - about core technologies, available tools, policy issues, transition strategies, legal aspects and of course the latest innovations. Whether you are a developer, publisher, decision maker, educator, vendor, IT manager, academic, writer, archivist or just an involved citizen - OpenDocSociety.org brings you together with interesting like-minded people to learn from and cooperate with. OpenDoc Society is supported by a significant number of organisations.

Logo OpenDoc greyThe initiative for OpenDoc Society was taken by a number of individuals from various sectors of society, including science, education and research, software vendors, open source communities, arts and government. We are open to new countries and organisations to join. OpenDoc Society wants to build local human networks of experts and stakeholders in ODF from all areas. It want to be a leading organisation in spreading knowledge about ODF to society at large, through publications, workshops, masterclasses, tutorials for developers, decision makers, users and other stakeholders. It wants to foster and strengthen the ecosystem around ODF: from enterprise content management, assistive software for the visually impaired up to readers for cell phones and game consoles.


The secretariat of OpenDoc Society can be reached at the following address:

Guardini-Nes 2
1862 AJ Bergen

The Netherlands

If you want to send an email, please use the contact form.

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