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Founding meeting of OpenDoc Society

The founding meeting of OpenDoc Society ws held on Tuesday October 23rd 2007 in the aula of the Royal Library in The Hague, The Netherlands between 15.00 and 17.00 o'clock (doors open at 14.30). The programme included prominent speakers such as Frank Heemskerk (minister of Foreign Trade of The Netherlands), dr. Karel de Vriendt (Head of IDABC, European Commission), Peter Vandenabeele (FEDICT, Belgian administration) and Patrick Durusau (chair of INCITS V1 and one of the editors of the Open Document Format standard). 

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Frank HeemskerkKarel de VriendtPeter VandenabeelePatrick Durusau


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15.00-15.05 Opening
15.05-15.30 Libri Liberi
- Patrick Durusau (editor ODF)
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15.30-15.55 Open Document Exchange Formats
- Karel de Vriendt (IDABC EC)
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15.55-16.00 The Belgian Open Standards Directive
- Peter Vandenabeele (FEDICT)
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16.00-16.30 Break
16.30-16.45 Introduction OpenDoc Society
- Bert Bakker
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16.45-16.55 Actieplan Nederland Open In verbinding
Frank Heemskerk (Minister of Foreign Trade Netherlands)
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16.55-17.00 Official launch:
Frank Heemskerk en Patrick Durusau
See the launch video
17.00- Reception

About the speakers

Patrick Durusau

Patrick Durusau has been active in the field of markup since the very early '90's. He originally became interested in markup due to the difficulty of representing cuneiform texts on a Commodore 128. He is one of three co-editors of OpenDocument Format/ISO 26300. He is currently the chair of V1, the US National Body representative to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC34, the committee responsible for ODF, SGML, HyTime, DSDL and Topic Maps. He serves as acting convener of JTC 1 SC 34 WG 3. He was co-editor of ISO 13250-5, the Topic Maps Reference Model.

Patrick Durusau is also active within OASIS in other technical groups, e.g. serving as chair of the Published Subjects TC. He served on the TEI Board of Directors and is still the technical lead for the OSIS (a standard for encoding Bibles in XML) project. He is currently working as an independent consultant accepting clients in a variety of technology and markup related areas.

Patrick Durusau

Dr. Karel de Vriendt

Dr. Karel De Vriendt is head of the IDABC unit in the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission. After having obtained a degree in nuclear engineering and a post-graduate degree in informatics, he worked 7 years in private industry (as a software engineer) before joining the European Commission. Within the Commission he worked as a project officer for what is now the Information Society and Media DG and then spent 12 years in various operational IT functions.

He has been involved in the introduction of electronic mail within the Commission, the connection of the Commission network with the Internet and later became responsible for user support and IT training. His last function before joining the IDABC unit has been head of unit responsible for the development of a number of the Commission's internal administrative systems.

Karel de Vriendt

Dr. Peter Vandenabeele

Dr. Peter Vandenabeele is expert interoperability and standardisation within Fedict (Belgian federal administration). He has recently been working on the implementation of the ODF-directive that obliges all exchange of editable office documents within the federal government services in Belgium to use the ODF format by september 2008. The work of Vandenabeele is focussed on optimising the interoperability of ODF with the Microsoft Office-applications. Before Fedict he held positions at Alcatel, IMEC, Mind en Ubizen. He obtained a PhD in 1992 at Leuven University/IMEC as electrical engineer.

Peter Vandenabeele

Drs. Frank Heemskerk

Frank Heemskerk (1969) is minister of Foreign Economic Affairs of The Netherlands since februari 2007. From 2003 to 2006 Heemskerk was member of parliament for the PvdA, with economic affairs (market and governenmt) and the restructuring of the health system in his portfolio. Before his entry into politics he worked for ABN AMRO Bank, first as an analyst with the Economics Department and Corporate Global Clients, and then as division secretary to the Managing Board.

He was active in the reform group "Niet Nix" from 1996 to 1999, and was part of the economics working group of the PvdA since 2000. In 2001 and 2002 he was part of Kabinet online, a thinktank set up by Infrodrome for the Netherlands government. In 2001 he became Vice-President, for Institutional Servicing, Middle East at ABN AMRO Asset Management. He holds a degree in economics from the University of Amsterdam.

Frank Heemskerk


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