23/07/2014 22:10

Oliver-Rainer Wittman chosen as new co-chair of ODF TC

The ODF Technical Committee at OASIS has elected Oliver-Rainner Wittmann as its new co-Chair, joining Patrick Durusau. Mr. Wittmann is an employee of IBM and as erstwhile employee of SUN Microsystems has been a longstanding member of the ODF TC. Wittman is currently part of the team working on Apache OpenOffice, the well-known open source office suite.

Mr. Wittman is the successor of Rob Weir, who held the position of co-chair since 2007 until now. In his capacity of co-chair he played an important role in the tumultuous period around the ISO/IEC standardisation of IS29500. He also was a prominent figure in the various ODF plugfests, organised by OpenDoc Society together with a number of governments, academic institutions and open source communities.

Due to changes in his role at his employer, Weir is longer directly involved with document formats and editors. He will temporarily stay on as liaison from the ODF TC to ISO/IEC WG6, to provide some continuity. Weir's analytic skills, strong pen, in-depth knowledge of office applications and file formats, as well as his sharp wit will be missed by many in the ODF community.