02/09/2010 01:23

OASIS ODF 1.2 interop demo

At the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, eight independent implementations of the Open Document Format (ODF) will be orchestrated in a real-world scenario to demonstrate the value of an independent, open document file format.  Hosted by OASIS, the international open standards consortium, the ODF 1.2 Interop will showcase applications processing ODF documents on the desktop, in the cloud, and on mobile devices.

A variety of open source and commercial software will be featured, including: KOffice, lpOD ODF Python Library, ODF Toolkit for Java, OpenOffice, IBM Lotus Symphony, OpenOffice.org Novell Edition, Maemo Freoffice, and OFS.  Real documents from the Louvre Labs will be used in the demonstration, ranging from simple internal service messages and notes to master thesis and complex spreadsheets with diagrams displaying scientific data.

The ODF Interop Demo will provide an overview of the new features and capabilities of ODF 1.2 including:

~ Support for RDF metadata
~ Support for XForms
~ Support for MathML
~ New OpenFormula language
~ Accessibility support

Free press passes will be available. For details, contact Carol Geyer.