25/06/2012 19:32

Dutch government officially adopts ODF 1.2 standard

The Standardisation Board of the Netherlands government (College Standaardisatie) on June 15th 2012 has added the latest version of the standard for editable documents (ODF1.2) on the 'commit or explain' list for government procurements.

In addition four new standards  (DNSSEC, DKIM, SIKB0101 and VISI) were put on the list. Also, a new version of the standard for long term accessible documents (PDF/A-2) has been added. For the first time a standard, WSRP, has been removed from the list.

"In the procedures again dozens of experts from government and the public sector have helped to review the standards. Their sharp, constructive attitude has in addition to the adoption led to concrete guidance on how to further adopt adoption and in a number of cases in the review proces of the different standards bodies. On behalf of the Forum Standaardisatie I want to thank those involved and call upon them to help further push the adoption of these standards in the right direction the coming months", said Nico Westpalm van Hoorn, chairman of the Forum Standaardisatie.

OpenDoc Society is happy with this decision, and expects that it will be even more attractive for public bodies from the Netherlands to actively adopt office application documents.