1. seeking the fullest possible representation of users, developers and other stakeholders who deal with ODF and related standards.
  2. developing and maintaining formal and informal relationships with the international ODF community.
  3. providing information, expertise and other facilities related to ODF and related standards.
  4. promoting the accessibility of ODF for all individuals, groups and organizations around the world.
  5. providing a platform for discussion and dissemination of knowledge about ODF.
  6. working with other organisations in the area of open document standards for active coordination, cooperation and education.
  7. providing services with the intent that individuals, groups and organizations can use ODF effectively for communication, collaboration, education and innovation.
  8. contribute to the sustainability and accessibility of information in the public domain and civil and commercial traffic.
  9. encouraging innovation and new applications around ODF. 
  10. encouraging development and use of ODF in general.