A thousand flowers are blossoming in the world of productivity tools, thanks to the rise of open standards like the Open Document Format (ISO 26300:2006) for storing and sharing content. Innovation is taking place where it was once thought impossible. With diversity comes choice, but also the need to make sure you are working with the best-of-breed solutions - wether they are open source, freeware, software-as-a-service or paid solutions.

A document may look nice on your screen while you are working on it in its native application, but that is just the outside. If the exchange formats are not implemented correctly, it might look like a sloppy mess to the person receiving the business proposal, invoice or report you worked so hard on. was inspired by an open source project from the web standards world called will help you make a better choice by letting you compare the output and other behaviour of a wide variety of applications. Does your corporate style - the technical basis for many documents - actually look consistent across the board of applications - from 3.3, Google Docs and Lotus Symphony to Microsoft Office 2010. And how does it look in Microsoft Office - natively, with the open source ODF addin or the commercial plugin from Oracle? When you are in an acquisition phase, will help you do a reality check if that fancy new open source suite or that productivity package you can get a bargain deal at - actually does what it says. On the spot.

After submitting a document to, the site will deliver the output as produced by a variety of different productivity applications - in different versions and across operating system platforms. It will pass it on to technically validate the resulting documents in a number of independent validators.

Anyone can upload ODF-documents, at no cost. This is because actually divides the work among rendering servers hosted by vendors and the community. That could be you (if you're interested, contact us or look here to see the technical documentation). is an initiative by OpenDoc Society and the Netherlands in Open Connection-program from the Netherlands government. is sponsored by NLnet foundation, and is developed as an open source (Affero GPLv3-licenced) project in a team lead by Sander Marechal from Lone Wolves.

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ODF software recipies

ODF recipes

ODF recipes aims to provide usable programming examples for working with the OpenDocument Format (ODF) OASIS standard.

  • You can navigate in recipes to see APIs in use in the different libraries available.
  • You can use the proposed recipes as samples of code using OpenDocument Format.
  • You can comment on recipes and solutions, and submit new ones (submissions are moderated before publication).

ODF recipes covers the use of several libraries and frameworks, such as ODFdom, ODFpy, lpOD and odtPHP. Have you created a solution yourself? Please register as a library manager to add solutions for your library.